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About us

We believe that all businesses, big and small, should reflect their beliefs and values through their branding.

We team up with aspirational businesses to establish their true brand identity to attract their ideal client and build a thriving business through design.

Behind the designs

Astie Design Studio was founded in 2012, initiated by the vision of Astie Greenwood. Seeing a need for an innovative graphic design studio in Cairns, Astie used her expertise and creativity to fill that gap. 

Now, a decade later, we’ve matured into a skilled team of design professionals, providing a wide array of digital and design services. Our strength lies in our collaborative approach, unique designs, and our steadfast commitment to aligning our work with your business needs and aspirations.

Our collective philosophy is grounded in the belief that every business, irrespective of size, has the potential to create a powerful impression. 

We’re all about helping you reflect your values and beliefs through distinctive, memorable branding.

What inspires us

Every curve, line, and hue that we design is imbued with our passion for aesthetics that not just look beautiful, but also perform impeccably. We are driven by the magic that unfolds when design meets function, and the happiness it brings to our clients.

Being a part of the fast-paced world of digital design, we are lifelong learners. We thrive on the exhilaration of catching up with rapid changes, be it the whims of design trends or the thrilling advancements in technology. This relentless quest for knowledge is what helps us keep our creative edge razor-sharp.

Our inspiration is drawn from the everyday and the extraordinary, painting a vibrant canvas of creativity that fuels our work.

Who we are

In essence, we are a team of creators – artists, geeks, perfectionists, parents, and more. But what binds us together is our shared love for designing and creating. We embrace the joy of transforming ideas into impactful designs that resonate with audiences.

Our collaborative approach involves working closely with you, helping shape your vision into compelling designs that capture the uniqueness of your brand. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of design trends and technological advancements, we ensure that the solutions we deliver are innovative and up-to-date.

Astie Design Studio Team Members

Designs in action

Journey with us beyond the pixels and proofs – follow our Instagram for a curated blend of creativity, inspiration, and a peek into our design adventures.

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