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Casa Mia Living

Services: Logo + Branding, Website

Welcome home to a reimagined way of retirement living. Uniquely designed so you can continue an active, empowered and rewarding lifestyle, always secure in the knowledge that your changing needs will be superbly managed.

Casa Mia Living Logo


The Casa Mia imagery is to display happy, comfortable people in the middle to elderly age group. Keeping within the green and earth tones.


The Casa Mia brand colour palette is built up with gold as the primary colour and emerald green and grey as the secondary colours.


The Casa Mia typography consists of a combination of Serif and serif type face. These font types are to be used throughout all collateral.


Step into the tranquil world of Casa Mia Living, a retirement sanctuary nestled in Gordonvale, Queensland, through our engaging website. You’ll be greeted by striking imagery and immersive video content, inviting you into the heart of a vibrant community.

With a design that echoes the village’s elegance and sophistication, the website is visually pleasing and incredibly easy to navigate. The ease of use extends to all devices, catering to your convenience whether you’re browsing from a desktop or mobile.

Choosing a retirement community is a significant decision; this website is crafted to guide you through it. From detailed descriptions of the villas to a glimpse of the vibrant lifestyle you can lead there, we provide all the information you need. It’s not just a website; it’s your online doorway into a welcoming community.

Casa Mia Living Website Portfolio

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