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 Space and quality living has never been so important. We understand that in today’s world our priorities have changed and so too has our lifestyle needs. Cutters Rise is setting the benchmark for affordable large block land release … without compromise! 

Elevated level blocks that will cater for every boat, caravan, shed, toy and piece of fishing gear you have …and yes, even room for a pool and a yard for the kids to play. A unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant new community, whilst still having enough space between you and your next door neighbour. 

Old is now new again…. Quarter Acre Blocks are Back!


The Cutters Rise brand colour palette is built up with green as the primary colour and cream as the secondary colours.


The Cutters Rise typography consists of a Serif type face. This font type is to be used throughout all collateral.


Step into your potential new neighbourhood through the Cutters Rise website, your virtual gateway to a vibrant community in Gordonvale, Queensland. It encapsulates the essence of the development project through a crisp, modern design that’s easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate.

Whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device, immersive, high-quality imagery and video on the development welcomes you while an overview of the project piques your interest.

We know how pivotal it is for visitors to have a comprehensive understanding before making a life-altering decision like buying a home. Therefore, this website is brimming with invaluable details. From different home options, amenities, and unique features of this development to the location and the rich history of Cutters Rise – you’ll find it all.

Cutters Rise’s website isn’t just a platform; it’s your stepping stone to a new life in Gordonvale, Queensland. Experience a slice of the Cutters Rise lifestyle.


Cutters Rise Website Portfolio

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